• Almost no major new mode of action has been introduced to the market in the past 30 years.
  • Since 2008, corporations have expanded through acquisition rather than innovation and globalization, becoming larger and more competitive, but also more cumbersome.
  • For many corporations, R&D funds are becoming too diluted for them to prioritize true product innovation and strategic vision.
  • Focus is primarily placed on incremental product development, rather than on strategic vision and ideation – competitive cost measures trump strategic vision.
  • In this climate of competitive cost structure and “growth” by corporate acquisition, the coming-of-age of the biopesticide industry and its inclusion in integrated crop protection strategies is seen by many as a sign of a new period of innovation.
  • Although start-ups and other smaller, innovative companies have created a powerful and competitive environment for biopesticide R&D, these small companies face considerable challenges as a result of acquisitions, collaborations, and licensing agreements with the incumbent chemical industry.
  • While these bear witness to the ongoing symbiosis in the crop protection market, the need for ideation, innovation and vision across the industry is greater than ever before.

In the uncertain and globally competitive world of Crop Protection, organizations not prioritising Strategic Vision and Change will be supplanted by those that do.

I believe that – like the more agile computer industry – the crop protection industry must continue to shift focus from “product” to “implementation”.

The strategic shift from “product” to “implementation” will rely on Strategic Ideation to identify powerful ideas for growth.

Significant opportunities outside traditional, vertically-integrated industry roles exist for industry experts able to provide ideation as well as strategic and technical expertise to both start-ups and existing corporations.

“I believe that the greatest innovations in the crop protection industry will be discovered at the interface between chemical and biological crop protection, precision technology and plant biology. A new era has begun.”


I envision a future where growers will protect their harvest in close cooperation with the crops themselves.

In less than ten years, precision crop-signalling products will be strategically placed in fields, to be automatically released and activated by weather and disease monitoring systems. 

Induced local plant defence responses will be transmitted through the field by inter-plant communications, priming the crop to combat invasive pests and pathogens.

“Blanket” applications of chemical & biological crop protection products will be eliminated, and precision monitoring and application solutions will permit site-specific supplemental treatment with these products, when & as required.

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