I provide organizations with Communications, Development and Strategic- & Project Management solutions, based on a 20+ year Research Management and Communications background in the Corporate and Academic Bioscience Business and R&D community.




  • 20+ years of university-level and corporate lecturing & staff training.


  • Co-supervisor of Copenhagen University students (3 MSc students).


  • Member of the Advisory Board on Natural Resources & Environment (SCIENCE, University of Copenhagen).


  • Primary Lead, Annual "Innovation & Science Symposia" for 150+ Academy of Talented Youth students.




Communications Project Management

Project Manager, Cheminova


Project management of a Food Industry Bulletin for the reintroduction of the insecticide Malathion in the EU, including management of project objectives, budgets, activities and timelines; creative layout and design of the bulletin. Responsible for project meetings and for presentation to steering committee.


Project Experience

Project Details

Science & Historical Fiction

Writer, Editor & Publisher - Public Speaker


I am a scientist and writer, and the author of more than 20 scientific publications and theses, as well as technical and travel blogs. My writing strengths are meticulous research and imaginative storytelling.


In 2016 I founded BioComm Press (a subsidiary of BioScience Solutions) and have edited and published "Parallel Developments - The Earth Sciences series, Volume 1" - a unique reference of Earth’s history aimed at scientists, historians and writers. A second book (on WWII) is being edited and will be published primo 2017. The second book in the "The Earth Sciences" series (Volume 2) will be published medio 2017.


Currently, I am working on the completion and publication of JUTLAND, a sweeping historic saga covering the formation of the Agger Isthmus and its development through the Cretaceous Era, over the arrival of man and the settlement of the farthest edge of the Weichsel Glacier, to the present day.