Business Development • Communications • Strategic Research Management

BIOSCIENCE COMMUNICATIONS specializes in the translation, editing and analysis of scientific articles, theses and grant applications, prior to publication. Designed around an Internet-based platform, BIOSCIENCE SOLUTIONS allows you to outsource your scientific writing, editing and presentations - allowing you to get on with the business of generating results!


  • Data & statistics editing
  • Science & reference review
  • Language and style
  • Proofreading
  • Journal formatting

PUBLISHING (BioComm Press)

  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Formatting (e-book and paper books)
  • Scientific and historical fiction and non-fiction
  • Marketing & publicity


  • Preparation of PowerPoint Presentations
  • Design and production of figures, tables and graphs


  • Translation (DK -> US/UK)
  • Reverse Translation
  • Cover letters & responses

The publication of a scientific document represents the culmination of an extensive research effort. Successful publication can determine whether a product will be registered, funding granted, or scientific advances accepted by the research community.


Confusing or misleading language can seriously affect the credibility of your research effort. This in turn can lead to the misunderstanding and rejection of otherwise sound research data, with subsequent delays for rewriting and resubmission.


In short: in today's competitive scientific atmosphere - with computer technology and the Internet permitting swift and affordable document review - linguistic complications are no longer an option.